Saturday, June 20, 2009

things that go grrrsnorwwht in the night

so, if anyone is ever traveling through Lincoln City, they can go ahead and skip Devil's Lake State Park. The park is basically in the city and the hiker biker site literally across the street from a shabby residential neighborhood. And the lake isn't that great. In the middle of our night there Taylor woke me because of strange noises outside of the tent. It sounded kind of like a deep snorting carnivorous sort of noise, with a whiny 'i'm dying' sort of noise mixed in intermittently as well. Something was definitely being killed by something else practically right outside our tent. So what did we do? We clapped at it, of all things. Maybe we yelled a little too, but mostly clapping. It went away after that, whatever it was.

The next campground, South Beach State Park, was much better. We got there with plenty of time to bask in the sun on the beach before heading back to camp to fix some dinner (spaghetti with veggies - super yum).

yesterday we took a rest day and skipped riding through the drizzle and today we ride on (and on and on. . . )

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