Friday, July 3, 2009


so i left leah today! what a trip! cant believe the journey ended already, i keep thinking i should be peddaling my bike off into the distance soon, but am also relieved to be relaxing in california wine country.... sipping local wines, beer, and local fare! perfect ending to an amazing trip.
we decided the best places we discovered in the last month were: the san juans, mainly orcas island with the incredible view, the entire oregon coast (especially the last 100 southern miles,) and the amazing humbolt redwood forrest in northern cali. it got so hot in the redwods we were forced (willingly,) to throw the bikes and jump into the river till it cooled down. life is hard!
im so happy to be able to share this trip with everyone, and im excited to be visiting most of you soon! im heading to San francisco on monday to get a bit of city pace, then back to seattle on the 15th! cant wait for my ireland return in august! leah is going to be osting continually on the rest of her trip to mexico. woohoo! send her some love! imy leggs stopped working on the constant up and down of the last 100 miles! but shes enduring!
yay to travel!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

1,000 miles!

yeah! so we actually hit 1,000 miles yesterday, what a cool milestone. it also happened on the hardest day (i thought,) that weve had our whole trip. it started at 1100ft in the red wood forrest and quickly climbed through a small mountain road to about 2000ft to the top of legget hill. the ride included all sorts of traffic and road work along the 3.5 miles of incline. it was tough!
once we were over the hill the climate also went from sunny and hot, to muggy, foggy, and really cold. we were having 90 degrees for a good few days before hand, so it was a big shock to be on the cool windy coast again. weve definately mentioned how cool it would have been to have stayed in the mendocino valley, and drank wine everyday... but! we followed our guide book. so it keeps going!
after the 10 miles of downhill we reached sea level! yay! it seemed like an achievment ubtil more uphill for the next 2 miles, then the sweet california coast, speckled with capes steep downhills and no shoulder, logging trucks, steep uphills, and chilly pacific winds for a good 25 miles. it was hard!
we did still hit 1000 though and reveled in it for a quick minute. but we wanted the day to end so we hauled butt to camp.
we have been touring alongside a group of cyclists for awhile now, and last night we all got together and had a huge bonfire and shared stories of the road and our lives. it was a really cool evening with all sorts of entertainment. the pacific coast tour is a tour that attracts all sorts of people with all different goals and experience in biking. its cool to be apart of such a diverse traveling group. i think leah and i fall into the "young, no job, and a need for challenge group." other groups could be: "100 miles a day", "no where else to be and love to bike", and "no experience what-so-ever."
the computer im at wont let me upload photos! we'll try again next time! lets hope our tires dont fail before then, im riding one more day then its all walking for me! im meeting my friend sarah in the sonoma wine country where she lives to sample the local "terroir," then maybe friday getting to san francisco to see the city for a week! so excited, biking is tough. im read yfor the break. leah is heading to SF for a couple bike races, (she just cant get enough of cycling.) then heading south to the mexico border. fun times all around.