Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Oregon Coast!

We've been serious gluttons since we got through the boarder, eating and snacking all the time, taking huge breaks....

who knew excersizing 5 hours a day would require so much food!

we noted that our days have been a little bit like this: wake up, eat, bathroom, cycle, break, eat, cycle, break, lunch, rest for awhile, cycle, break, and eat more food, then cycle to camp and eat, probably dont do anything after wards except lay around in the tent, sleep.

its pretty cool to be able to do this for awhile. had a great time in cannon beach, eating of course! gotta soak it up while it lasts! we might get to SF by the 4th of july?!



  1. mad jealous. keep the pictures coming. lovee - dana

  2. oh what i'd do to be there right now... well i just got new chain for my bike so i'll see ye tomorrow! happt days yeah!!

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