Friday, June 12, 2009

then they rested...

So we made it to Montesano, washington. ten miles east of aberdeen. After the last post, we took hwy 12, which has 4 lanes of FAST traffic and lots of debris strewn across the shoulder. one big obstacle course really! we suffered 2 flats (one each.) and fixed one on the hwy shoulder! amazing, funny, and tiring. but we made it. and we finally found a place, after 2 big towns, that has camping fuel! weve been trying for 2 days and finally ran out, and ate a cold dinner. thank you, montesano hardware store!

at the moment, we are nursing our body aches from a week of not much rest, leah has a bum knee, and my heel is acting wierd. so hopefully in the morning we canmake it a short 40 miles to the next park on the coast. then one day left in washington and its oregon and cali all the way!

i wanted to let peeps know that if anyone is thinking of good camping this summer. they should definately check out the hoh rainforest and/or lake quinalt. SO pretty, and the hoh has primitive (free) camping by the river. i was amazed by the forrest there, very lord of the ringsesque. ill try to find a place to post pics soon!


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