Saturday, June 27, 2009

850-something miles!

you know, i was so amazed with the oregon coast that i could have gone home right there and then happy. i felt accompished and ready to go home! oregons coast is actually unbelievably beautiful, i thought," how could it get better?"
weve been in california for 3 days now. the redwoods completely blew me away! i noticed myself being more grateful i did this trip with everymile. the trees are centuries old and so lush. towering over head with azaleas blooming and the ocean breeze wafting through the trees. loved it.
so yes, im glad i kept going! im glad my bike has yet to fall apart too. its over 30 years old and only has 10 speeds! ive passed people with 27 speeds on their bikes, and $1000 in gear, who have been amazed ive gone as far as i have. and you know what, its not that hard! (i think ive spent $300 in gear, mostly thanks to audrey for lending me her panniers! (they are looking great too!)) you just go a until u feel like stopping, then stop, check out the scenery and hang out till your ready to keep going. that said, my bike will probably start to fail on me,( its making a wierd noise once and awhile!) but im going to ride it till the end.
just 275 miles till san francisco too(about 5 days?!)! then im planning on leaving my bike, to a loving home, or someone who wants to give me money for it. : )
anyways! last night we stayed in the local county park and were unblissfully lulled to sleep by local partiers and their loud drum n bass music till 1 am! hey girls gotta have fun, right? why not go to the county park? it was a new experience, we wernt complelled to pay for the site... but promise to next time! so... NOW, we are in a really cool town called eureka, CA. its got an amazing historic district with huge victorian mansions and quaint cafes. (looking forward to some baked goods after this post!)
will be posting pics soon!

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  1. i've smiled so many times imagining my panniers on your bike - you've given them a better trip than i ever have...yet!