Saturday, June 13, 2009

finally on our way again

After not finding fuel in Aberdeen, getting a flat on busy highway 12, pinching the patched tire at least twice (only time will tell if we got it this last time), loosing my favorite water bottle (the only one that doesn't tast like booze), and realizing that my mp3 player turned itself on at some point and completely drained the battery, I am ready to get out of here and as far from Aberdeen as possible. Lake Sylvia was alright but lots of noisy children. I used to go there as a kid though and at first I didn't remember anything but all of a sudden memories of running around beneath the dam came back to me and when I went exploring things were just as sweet as I remembered. I made Taylor get up and check out the walkway under the water but he was kind of "humph" and just wanted to sleep in the sun. I had plans to mend pants, write letters, and take care of other odds and ends but instead we pretty much just lounged around all day.

It seems we are at war with the chipmunks. And I think the crows must be in line with them. The one night we didn't hang our food in a tree a creature chewed a little hole through my pannier and got some of our bread. Taylor retalliates with all sorts of noises and when there are rocks we throw them. Last night the bag was properly hung which might be part of the reason a big crow perched on that same branch and 'Ka ka'd' at us all morning. And unfortunately that campsite was devoid of rocks.

So today we are off. We are doing a bit of a shorter ride to leave us plenty of time for laundry. (Neither of us can wear our cycling shorts at this point and i know that i at least am out of clean underwear). But I can't complain too much because the weather has been amazing and promises to stay good, at least for the immediate future. And tomorrow we should make it to Oregon, which is totally awesome and promises to be beautiful. We have been seeing all kinds of super beautiful places. The trees especially have been amazing and I highly reccomend them.

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