Thursday, June 4, 2009

Already the tour tour has taken its own path

Leah and i decided within the last half an hour to skip the vancouver leg of our trip, seeing that our accommodation fell through. yes, we could probably have tried to find another place to stay. but the cons out weighed the pros. why start an out doors adventure in a city anyways? as soon as we decided the feeling of our trip exploded with even more adventure...
san juans here we come! afterwards we will be going to victoria and then continue as planned from pt. angeles down HWY 101.
im leaving at 9am to bike to woodinville in my 1970s raliegh touring bike, "white lightning." hope she makes it down the 101! after woodinville we'll be heading by car (yeah i know,) to the anacortes ferry terminal and orcas island!
more soon!


  1. bon voyage chico! have a fabulous adventure, and travel safe. xo, raerae

  2. yeah, islands over city, good call! now you'll probably get to see some sweet marine life! excited to follow the journey...