Friday, July 3, 2009


so i left leah today! what a trip! cant believe the journey ended already, i keep thinking i should be peddaling my bike off into the distance soon, but am also relieved to be relaxing in california wine country.... sipping local wines, beer, and local fare! perfect ending to an amazing trip.
we decided the best places we discovered in the last month were: the san juans, mainly orcas island with the incredible view, the entire oregon coast (especially the last 100 southern miles,) and the amazing humbolt redwood forrest in northern cali. it got so hot in the redwods we were forced (willingly,) to throw the bikes and jump into the river till it cooled down. life is hard!
im so happy to be able to share this trip with everyone, and im excited to be visiting most of you soon! im heading to San francisco on monday to get a bit of city pace, then back to seattle on the 15th! cant wait for my ireland return in august! leah is going to be osting continually on the rest of her trip to mexico. woohoo! send her some love! imy leggs stopped working on the constant up and down of the last 100 miles! but shes enduring!
yay to travel!

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